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  1. Women's Cashmere & Silk. Airy and cool, our 70% cashmere and 30% silk collection offers a lighter weight alternative, perfect for year-round wear. Choose from a variety of styles and find your perfect fit. Eight times warmer, softer and lighter than wool, cashmere regulates your body temperature so you're always just right
  2. Goat Fashion, luxury cashmere designer fashion label, offering a wide range of luxury cashmere clothes for women
  3. Cashmere is a type of wool that comes from goats specially bred for their soft undercoat, from which the cashmere fibers are made. The term cashmere is the anglicization of the word Kashmir, the northernmost region of India, where the prized fabric was made for thousands of years
  4. Cashmere is the down produced by the skin's secondary hair follicles, which grows in response to decreasing day-length, thus protecting the goat from the winter cold much more efficiently than do the guard-hairs produced by the primary hair follicles (these coarser hairs make up the visible coat of the animal)
  5. g in Kashmir :Kashmir state has enormous agricultural grazing lands and valleys with green pasture for raising goats in Kashmir. So going for goat far
  7. Kashmir goat definition, one of a long-haired breed of goat raised in Tibet and the higher elevations of China, the Indian subcontinent, Afghanistan, and Turkey for its meat, milk, and cashmere wool. See more

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  1. Kashmir eller Kasjmir er et område i den nordlige delen av det indiske subkontinentet. Historisk viser begrepet til dalen like sør for den vestlige delen av Himalaya.Politisk viser begrepet til et mye større område bestående av regionene Jammu, Kashmir og Ladakh, som har vært et sentralt konfliktområde i mange år
  2. Cashmere goats are relatively new to the United States but their fiber has been prized for centuries. Both the Middle East and Asia were the longstanding exporters of cashmere. In recent years, Australia and New Zealand began selecting the best cashmere genetics and great success has come from this program
  3. Cashmere goats have been bred to produce a large amount of especially fine down, which is cashmere. Consequently, there is not one look for cashmere goats. They come in a variety of colors, hair lengths and horn shapes. Mountain Hollow Farm Cashmere goats meet the strict standards of the North American Cashmere Goat Standard
  4. Cashmere, a luxurious fiber less than 19 microns in diameter, comes from the soft undercoat of Cashmere goats. Our goats have been selectively bred to produce cashmere: they are good mothers, and excellent foragers. They will clear your land of unwanted brambles and vines, including pesky poison ivy, kudzu, multiflora
  5. Kashmir goat - this is a relatively small species, which differs refinement and beautiful exterior. withers in adult animals reach only 60 cm, total body length is about 1.5 m. The majority of the external features are similar with the breed Angora goats,.

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Scottish Cashmere Goats are hardy native breed which we rear commercially on our farm at Lunan Bay for both meat and their luxurious Cashmere fibre. We cross these environmentally beneficial animals with our premium meat goats, Boers to produce a hardy, well-muscled meat goat that is more suited to our Scottish climate without compromising on meat quality Soft Goat er et svensk varemerke som ble grunnlagt i 2010 og idéen var å selge kvalitetsplagg i 100% kashmir. De fine og prisgunstige plaggene produseres av utvalgt kashmir fra geiter som lever på de høye platåene i Gobiørkenen, et område som strekker seg fra sør i Mongolia til nordvest i Kina A cashmere goat is any breed of goat that produces cashmere wool, the goat's fine, soft, downy, winter undercoat, in commercial quality and quantity. This undercoat grows as the day length.

If you're looking for Cashmere goats for sale, we've got you covered! On this page you'll find a complete list of Cashmere goat breeders in the USA. Quick Navigation Arkansas Cashmere Goat BreederCalifornia Cashmere Goat BreedersColorado Cashmere Goat BreedersConnecticut Cashmere Goat BreedersFlorida Cashmere Goat BreedersIowa Cashmere Goat BreedersIdaho Cashmere Goat BreedersIndiana Cashmere. Kashmir goats synonyms, Kashmir goats pronunciation, Kashmir goats translation, English dictionary definition of Kashmir goats. n. Variant of Cashmere goat. n a Himalayan breed of goat having an undercoat of silky wool from which cashmere wool is obtained n. any of a long-haired. Cashmere, animal-hair fibre forming the downy undercoat of the Kashmir goat and belonging to the group of textile fibres called specialty hair fibres. Although the word cashmere is sometimes incorrectly applied to extremely soft wools, only the product of the Kashmir goat is true cashmere. Th Cashmere goats are easy to raise. They are healthy animals and take only minimal care. They are not jumpers like many other goat breeds and standard woven wire sheep fencing will contain them. Minimal shelter is all that is required to house them due to the insulating properties of their dual coats,. Cashmere goats are a type, not an actual breed. However, they must produce fiber of a certain quality and conform to certain physical standards. The demand for cashmere, the fine underdown from cashmere goats, has always exceeded supply. Cashmere is the softest most prized fiber for sweaters and suiting

Cashmere goats are not a breed but a type of goat that produces cashmere fiber. Most goat breeds apart from the Angora goats that provide varied quantities of fiber may be called cashmere goats. For goats to be called Cashmere goats, they gave to meet the North American Cashmere Goat Standard defined by the Cashmere Goat Association Cashmere is made from the soft undercoat of cashmere goats, who are kept by the millions in China and Mongolia, which dominate the market for this so-called luxury material.. Goats have little fat on their bodies, and their coats protect them from the bitter climates in these countries. But in the cashmere industry, they're shorn in midwinter, at a time when they need their coats the.

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