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For the last few weeks, I've taken a deeply unhealthy interest in the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait.Specifically, I wanna know what happened to Donna. Between Season One and Season Two, Donna was. Here's how Kevin Can Wait explained the demise of Donna Gable - and why it spelled doom for the CBS sitcom itself. Kevin James became a star thanks to his sitcom The King Of Queens, where he played main character Doug Heffernan.While the show attracted mostly lukewarm reviews it was a solid hit with audiences, mostly thanks to the chemistry of the cast, which included Leah Remini, Jerry. When CBS announced that it was ending Kevin Can Wait after two seasons, it meant that the case of Donna Gable's murder had gone cold. This beloved family matriarch would just become another.

Kevin James Explains Why He Killed Donna on 'Kevin Can Wait'

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  2. Kevin Can Wait executive producer Rob Long said that the decision to kill off Donna was made out of respect to the character and Hayes, and is intended to send the series in a new direction, one.
  3. For those who are still pondering the strangest question of the fall TV season—why Kevin Can Wait unceremoniously killed off Kevin's wife, Donna, played by Erinn Hayes—it appears we've.
  4. It's a question every Kevin Can Wait fan has been asking: Why did they kill off Donna?When season 2 of the CBS comedy began, Erinn Hayes' character was replaced by Kevin James' former King.
  5. Kevin Can Wait Season 2: DONNA DIES!!! Carissa Pavlica at August 1, 2017 3:17 pm . When trying to rebuild one of the most successful sitcoms in TV history, decisions have to be made
  6. Donna died so Kevin Can Wait could live, according to Kevin James. The CBS sitcom's star and exec producer is speaking out for the first time about the decision to kill off leading lady Erinn.
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Although most viewers already knew that the character of Donna Gable would be removed from season 2 of Kevin Can Wait, they were waiting to see how the makers of this sitcom would pull it off.In the end, the matter was treated insensitively, and the joke about it fell flat Kevin Can Wait Wife Killed Off. In the show's sophomore, Kevin Can Wait's wife dies and Kevin will be seen as a widower caring for his three children. Donna's death will be addressed tastefully and with dignity and respect, according to CBS president Kelly Kahl Kevin Can Wait Wow, So That's How Kevin Can Wait Killed Kevin's Wife Though the show promised to treat actress Erinn Hayes's exit with respect—after firing her—its treatment was.

Many of us in the Beverly Hilton ballroom hadn't seen much, if anything, of Kevin Can Wait since the pilot, which introduced Kevin James as a newly retired cop named Kevin Gable and Hayes as his wife, Donna. The Kevin James I saw in what I'd called the most ordinary of dumb-dad sitcoms was reminiscent enough of Doug Heffernan, the character he played for nine seasons on The King of Queens. Kevin Can Wait is joining the ranks of This Is Us when it comes to mysterious deaths. On the heels of the announcement that Erinn Hayes' Kevin Can Wait character, Donna Gable, will be killed off for the second season of the Kevin James sitcom, fans are wondering how the mom of three will die. James' former King of Queens wife, Leah Remini, will join the cast of the show as Hayes' Donna.

How Kevin Can Wait Explained Donna's Death (& Why It

  1. Erinn and Kevin on Kevin Can Wait. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) Erinn, 41, previously confirmed via Twitter that she was removed from the cast after appearing on just one season of Kevin Can Wait
  2. The fate of Donna Gable will always hang over Kevin Can Wait. Erinn Hayes played Donna, the wife of Kevin James' Kevin, in the show's first season, but her character was killed off ahead of season.
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  4. g, but the way in which viewers learnt of Erin Hayes' character Donna Gables passing away

CBS Confesses: Killing Donna on Kevin Can Wait Was a Bad Ide

Erinn Hayes' character Donna will be killed off of Kevin Can Wait, after the actress was not asked back to the show. Leah Remini joins Season 2 The single most interesting off-season decision for a television show comes from an unexpected source: CBS' Kevin James hubby-and-wife comedy Kevin Can Wait.In an attempt to overhaul the structure of the series, producers decided to kill off the wife, Donna (Erinn Hayes), in between seasons.It's a.. Fans have not been happy since Kevin Can Wait announced that it would be killing off one of its main characters, Donna (Erinn Hayes), and inserting Vanessa (Leah Remini) into the lives of Kevin and his kids.. Kevin James, who produces and stars in the series, has stayed fairly quiet about the entire incident since last season's finale, but he finally broke his silence over the weekend Kevin and Donna on Kevin Can Wait. (Photo Credit: Getty Images) And even though he liked Erinn, Chris couldn't deny the on-screen chemistry between Kevin and Leah With the news that Kevin Can Wait was adding Kevin James' former King of Queens costar Leah Remini and killing off Erinn Hayes' character, Donna Gable, viewers tuned into Monday's season 2.

Here's How 'Kevin Can Wait' Addressed Donna's Death News

By MARK LINDSLEY Staff Writer Season one of Kevin Can Wait was all about the lives of Kevin Gable and his wife Donna, played by Kevin James and Erinn Hayes respectively. The sitcom focused on their lives and the lives of their family and friends. The show's second season began very differently. When the secon When Kevin Can Wait returned for its second season last month, over a year had passed and it was established that Donna had died, though viewers have yet to learn how or why. James admits that the positive reception to Remini's guest spot last season made producers eager to find a way to bring her onboard full-time I had some laughs early on in the 1st season but as it progressed the laughs became fewer and fewer. One of the bright spots was the Donna character (Chale as well). I really feel as well that the secondary characters were extremely poor. The King of Queens had hilarious secondary characters and Kevin Can Wait lacked in that department On Monday's season premiere of Kevin Can Wait, the show revealed its new, Erinn Hayes-less incarnation.In the offseason, Hayes, who played Kevin Gable's (Kevin James) wife Donna in Season 1, was.

Killing Donna on Kevin Can Wait Was a Bad Idea When CBS announced that it was ending Kevin Can Wait after two seasons, it meant that the case of Donna Gable's murder had gone cold. This beloved family matriarch would just become another statistic, a character killed off with the guilty party gone unpunished The biggest news in the history of Kevin Can Wait (not saying much), which broke this summer, is that Erinn Hayes's character Donna (the wife of Kevin James's Kevin) was being killed off so. Kevin Can Wait fans are weighing in on CBS's decision to kill off Erinn Hayes' character, Donna, going into the second season of the show. Judging by the Twitter responses, many social media users are infuriated with the move.. The network announced earlier this summer that Hayes, 41, was not going to be returning. However, at the Television Critics Association's press tour on Tuesday, CBS. Over the weekend, CBS announced it had canceled Kevin James' sitcom, Kevin Can Wait, after two seasons. The decision was met with disappointment from both fans and cast members alike.But according to executives at the TV network, the show may have been doomed ever since it made the controversial decision to kill off Erinn Hayes' character, Donna..

Kevin Can Wait Probably Won't Tell Us How Donna Died TV

Although the choice outraged many fans, Kevin Can Wait is sticking to its decision, which producer Rob Long defended to TV Line in August, saying that the decision to kill off the Donna. The Kevin Can Wait season 2 premiere on CBS was really all about one question: Why kill off Erinn Hayes' Donna? The show made a controversial decision writing the character out, citing creative changes at the biggest reason for that. Leah Remini is now a regular, and while we love her from The King of Queens, there were still so many questions about whether or not the show would handle the. Kevin Can Wait; Why Was Donna Killed Off on Kevin Can Wait? Kevin Can Wait Savagely Killed Off a Main Character and Fans Are Pissed. September 27, 2017 by Quinn Keaney Donna, the married mom Erinn Hayes played for a season on the sitcom Kevin Can Wait, will have died by the time Season 2 premieres this fall

Why Kevin Can Wait Really Killed Off Kevin's Wife Vanity

Since Kevin Can Wait will be focused mostly on Kevin and Vanessa at their workplace, he may talk about Donna without them actually seeing each other face-to-face in the season And the comedy's handling of Donna's death has been unconventional — when Season 2 premiered last month, Kevin Can Wait had jumped forward a year, with Kevin Gables making a blink-and. Obviously, the chemistry between Kevin and Leah was amazing in the stunt episodes that we did at the end of last season, and we decided to look to continue that chemistry, Sherman said. Later that month, Kevin Can Wait executive producer Rob Long told TVLine Donna was being killed off out of respect for the character and certainly the way that Erinn Hayes portrayed her When the CBS sitcom Kevin Can Wait makes its Season 2 debut this fall, things are going to look a little different. Over the summer, the network announced they had fired actress Erinn Hayes, who plays Kevin James' wife, Donna, on the show. The big question was how the series would address her departure and now we have our answer: she will be.

CBS Shows Renewed for 2015-2016 - TV Fanatic

In one of the most talked about and unexpected deaths on a sitcom, Kevin Can Wait killed off the matriarch of the family, Donna (Erinn Hayes) and fans were left shocked. After the season two premiere, fans were equally as confused and the show never truly revealed how Donna passed away. Instead, they opted to [ Erinn Hayes, who stars opposite Kevin James in CBS' comedy Kevin Can Wait as his wife, Donna, is leaving the series, Variety has learned. Sources say it was a matter of the sho Kevin Can Wait was full of possibilities for their relationship that didn't involve killing off Donna Gable, like exploring a possible relationship disagreement or divorce, as is so common in. We knew Erinn Hayes' Donna would not be returning to 'Kevin Can Wait' season two, but we didn't know CBS was going to kill her Some fans buried Kevin Can Wait for how it handled the death of Kevin James' sitcom wife Donna on the season premiere Monday. The show addressed her passing during a quick scene in which James opened a form letter from Donna's old gym saying it missed her. James character said he missed her,.

Donna Gable, 'Kevin Can Wait' - Not only was Donna killed off-screen, no explanation was given about her cause of death. Clearly, they wanted this character off the show ASAP A year ago, Kevin James told a reporter that his CBS sitcom, Kevin Can Wait, had killed off Erinn Hayes' character on the show in order to give the show a longer life. Last week, CBS. Kevin Can Wait (2016) - S01E02 Sleep Disorder - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot Kevin Can Wait Season 2 Episode 5 Watch Free Online Putlocker Kevin Can Wait She was summarily fired to make way for Leah Remini. And Erinn Hayes' character Donna's fate was laid bare, before being swept under the carpet, on the season premiere of Kevin Can Wait on Monday

A cast member on Kevin Can Wait is finally speaking out on the changes for season 2. Mary-Charles Jones, who plays the second daughter Sara Gable, is sharing what she really thinks about her TV mom Donna's death, which prompted the exit of Erinn Hayes (Donna) and the addition of Leah Remini (Vanessa Cellucci) Last week, after my investigation took on the unbelievably fucked up fifth episode of Kevin Can Wait's second season, I received an email from someone identifying themselves as Donna. Okay, so Donna from Kevin Can Wait is attempting to communicate with me from beyond the grave

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In 2016, Hayes began co-starring in the CBS series Kevin Can Wait, portraying the role of Kevin Gable's wife Donna. Following its renewal after the first season, Hayes was fired from the series for unspecified creative reasons. The series was canceled after its second season Kevin James says the decision to kill off his Kevin Can Wait character's wife Donna Gable (played by Erinn Hayes) was needed for this show to drive forward

Kevin Can Wait -- Kevin and Donna's Book Club -- After Kevin witnesses Donna and her friends' raucous laughter during their book club gathering, he tries to spice up his own social life by... Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Image Kevin Can Wait (2016) - S01E05 Kevin's Good Story - Yarn is the best way to find video clips by quote. Find the exact moment in a TV show, movie, or music video you want to share. Easily move forward or backward to get to the perfect spot Kevin Can Wait didn't go into the gory details of Donna's death during the season 2 premiere Monday night Kevin Can Wait's controversial decision to kill off its leading lady was more than just creatively driven. It was also made out of respect for Donna's portrayer Erinn Hayes, according to exec producer Rob Long.. RELATED Kevin Can Wait: Leah Remini Shares First Season 2 Set Photo The goal was to give Kevin's character a real drive and a real predicament [involving] how a family comes.

Article content. When it comes to answering why Erinn Hayes' Donna Gable character was killed off on CBS' Kevin Can Wait, Kevin James has a pretty simple answer: she had to die to keep the. Here's How 'Kevin Can Wait' Killed Off Donna Kevin Can Wait didn't go into the gory details of Donna's death during the season 2 premiere Monday night

And that's that. It seems that Erinn Hayes won't make even the slightest appearance in Kevin Can Wait's season 2. In the premiere, which aired on Monday, September 25, it was revealed in the. Kevin really couldn't wait to get rid of Donna. This summer, CBS comedy Kevin Can Wait announced that it had let go of leading lady Erinn Hayes to make room for Kevin James' King of Queens co.

Kevin Can Wait made headlines this summer when it was revealed Erinn Hayes, who played Kevin James' on-screen wife in season one, would be leaving the show, Source: Kevin James Explains Why Kevin Can Wait Killed Off Donna: We Were Literally Just Running Out of Ideas 6 total views, 2 views toda When Kevin Can Wait returned for its Season 2 premiere, it didn't make the smoothest moves when explaining Donna's absence

Kevin Can Wait Season 2 will see patriarch Kevin (Kevin James) morphing into a super dad following his wife Donna's (Erinn Hayes) death When Kevin Can Wait season 2 returns on CBS this fall, viewers won't learn about what happened to Donna (Erinn Hayes).The producers of the show earlier announced that the character would be killed off. However, details of how she will die will not be tackled in the episodes itself Erinn Hayes has been fired from Kevin Can Wait after just one season, leaving many fans to wonder: How did Donna die? As of right now, it's unclear. In August, it was announced that Donna's character would be killed off the show in Season 2, however, it looks like we'll have to wait until the premiere on Monday, Sept. 25 to see how exactly she dies Kevin Can Wait won't tell us how Donna died. Yahoo News. October 3, 2017 Leah Remini, James' former on-screen wife in The King of Queens, is joining Kevin Can Wait as a series regular after a successful guest stint last season. The character will have passed away, Thom Sherman, CBS' senior executive vice president of programming, told reporters about Donna Tuesday, stating the show will experience a little bit of a time jump when it returns

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Kevin James Reveals Why 'Kevin Can Wait' Killed His TV Wif

Kevin can Wait August 1, 2017 Fans of Kevin Can Wait , consider this a potentially less-than-welcome surprise: Erinn Hayes' Donna will be killed off the show. It's been known for some time that Hayes was going to be leaving the show, and not of her own accord given that the reason cited for the departure was the old creative changes label that gest thrown around a lot Kevin Can Wait, Donna of the Dead September 21, 2017 September 20, 2017 ~ Shelly Burger An unfortunate accident at the anvil company leaves Donna dead, and the Gable family coming to grips with life without her Kevin Can Wait's controversial decision to kill off its leading lady was more than just creatively driven. It was also made out of respect for Donna's portrayer Erinn Hayes, according to exec producer Rob Long Since the death of Kevin's wife, Donna, played by Erinn Hayes, Kevin Can Wait, fans have been eagerly awaiting a revelation on just how she died. But episode two offered no answers. This second episode was a bit less irreverent that the season premiere's somewhat flip attitude towards the death of a major character. With Kevin wallowing a bit more in life as a single dad, his daughter Kendra. CBS' decision to kill off the wife on Kevin Can Wait—Erinn Hayes' character—has led to a combination of shock and intrigue both from fans and non-viewers. That will continue to be the case.

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Kevin Can Wait Season 2: DONNA DIES!!! - TV Fanati

The sitcom Kevin Can Wait blew up the headlines this summer when it was revealed that Erinn Hayes would be leaving the show and Leah Remini would be joining as a series regular!. Hayes played Kevin James' on-screen wife, Donna, during the first season and fans were shocked that her departure would be marked on the show by her character passing away Mit Blick auf das Format einer unbeschwerten Sitcom sei derzeit noch unklar, ob der Tod von Erinn Hayes' Donna im weiteren Verlauf von Kevin Can Wait eine Rolle spielen werde, so Kevin James CBS comedy Kevin Can Wait will look considerably different when it returns in the fall for its sophomore season — namely, the female lead of the Kevin James vehicle, Erinn Hayes, has been let go. Kevin tries to spice up his time with his buddies after he sees how much fun Donna and her friends have at their book club meetings. Episode Viewers and Ratings Season 1 Episode 4 of Kevin Can Wait was watched by 8,700,000 viewers , resulting in a 2.10 rating in the 18-49 demographic

In der Sitcom Kevin Can Wait durfte Leah Remini, alias Carrie aus King of Queens endlich wieder an die Seite von Kevin James treten. Ihr kleiner Gastauftritt gefiel den Produzenten sogar so sehr, dass sie Carrie dauerhaft für die Sendung verpflichten wollen. Um für Remini Platz zu schaffen, muss jetzt allerdings Sitcom-Ehefrau Donna, gespielt von Erinn Hayes das Boo CBS announced last month that Erinn Hayes will no longer reprise her role as Donna in Kevin Can Wait Season 2. Along with this news, the network also said that Leah Remini, who played the role of Vanessa in Season 1, will return to Season 2 as a series regular Watch Kevin Can Wait Season 1 Episode 2 Online - Kevin and Donnas Book Club - SonyLIV. Watch and Enjoy full episodes of Kevin Can Wait Season 1 in full HD. Kevin Can Wait Ep2. Kevin And Donna's Book Club. Info. My List. 12+ Comedy English 2019. More episodes •

'Kevin Can Wait': Kevin James Reveals Why Donna Was Killed

Kevin and Donna are on the hunt for new couple friends in the latest episode of Kevin Can Wait. Catch up now: http://bit.ly/2dFbSr Yup, it was Donna's death that killed Kevin Can Wait. CBS executives conceded to reporters Wednesday that the abrupt departure of Erinn Hayes' character from what had been the highest-rated new sit Kevin Can Wait ist eine US-amerikanische Sitcom des Senders CBS aus dem Jahr 2016. Die Hauptrolle spielt Kevin James.Es ist für ihn die zweite Serie als Hauptcast auf CBS nach King of Queens.Die Erstausstrahlung in den Vereinigten Staaten begann am 19 Kevin James, protagonista y productor de Kevin Can Wait, habló por primera vez sobre la muerte de su esposa en la serie.. La estrella de CBS expresó la razón sobre la decisión de matar al personaje de la actriz Erinn Hayes. Donna murió para que 'Kevin Can Wait' pudiera vivir Staffel Kevin Can Wait wurde Hauptdarstellerin Erinn Hayes gefeuert und wie bereits im Vorfeld angekündigt wurde, entschied man sich dazu, ihren Charaktere Donna umzubringen. Rückkehr. Kevin Can Wait: Das ist das Schicksal der bisherigen . Vorsicht, es folgen Spoiler zu Kevin Can Wait. Am Montag startete in den USA die 2

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'Kevin Can Wait': Donna's Dies in Season 2 — Where Is

Een gepensioneerde politieagent kan nog niet genieten van zijn tijd als hij erachter komt dat zijn vrouw grote problemen voor hem verbergt waar zijn drie kinderen een grote rol in spelen. Programma: Kevin Can Wait Aflevering: Kevin and Donna s Book Clu James explained that the original pitch for Kevin Can Wait had the actor playing a single father, but later in the development process, the character became a family man with a wife and three kids Kevin Can Wait: The Fate of Donna Gable is reviled Well, the fate of Donna has been reviled. On Tuesday, CBS answered the question about how Kevin Can Wait's Erin Hayes' absence will be addressed after she was dismissed and replaced with Kevin James' former TV co-star Leah Remini

Kevin Can Wait Wife Killed Off: How did the Mom Die in

Killed-off Kevin Can Wait actress Erinn Hayes says she'd kill to be on Kevin Can F— Himself this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines Home 'Kevin Can Wait:' Erinn Hayes' character Donna will die off-screen before Season 2 Kevin-Can-Wait-Erinn-Hayes-character-Donna-will-die-off-screen-before-Season- After Kevin witnesses Donna and her friends' raucous laughter during their book club gathering, he tries to spice up his social life by evaluating how each of his buddies could be more fun. Plus, the kids get the best of their dad on the next episode of Kevin Can Wait entitled Kevin And Donna's Book Club Watch Kevin Can Wait - Season 1, Episode 4 - Kevin and Donna's Book Club: Kevin tries to spice up his time with his buddies after he sees how much fun Donna and her friends have at their book cl..

What Happened to Kevin's Wife on Kevin Can Wait? Why Did

Kevin Can Wait viewers couldn't wait to get on social media to blast the show's handling of the death of a major character. While most fans knew that the Donna Gable character played by Erinn Hayes would be killed off the CBS comedy amid a creative rest that included the permanent addition of Leah Remini to the cast, many were stunned by the way the plotline was brushed over in the Season. Kevin James Quote About Killing Donna Off Kevin Can Wait Kevin James Has Just About the Lamest Excuse For Killing Donna Off Kevin Can Wait October 20, 2017 by Quinn Keane Kevin Can Wait. Kevin no longer has to wait, as the Kevin Can Wait season two premiere, which will address the abrupt exit of Erinn Hayes, who played Kevin James' character's wife in season one, finally airs tonight

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